Month: May 2020

My Career journey

I started my career in 2012 from unicode systems as web developer in lucknow . At there i learnt alot. In unicode ,there are 10 employee batch of our who started at 15 jan 2012. As my native place is lalitpur . So i was thinking can i move to delhi as delhi and Lucknow […]

why ob_start() and ob_get_clean() are so important

Basically ob_start() create buffer so that without using echo again and again we can get all html in the variable ob_get_clean() ob_get_clean() does 3 things for us in a single call function. It goes as follows: Fetch buffered content. Clean buffered content Shut off buffering. For example We can write code snippet like below   But when […]

Debugging in web development

Debugging in any programming is very important. I follow following steps for it: 1- Check issue and analyse it for some time. 2- Before jump to google check core documentation for issue like issue is due to function etc. Like you are doing coding on Linux and checking on it but issue which raised are […]

3rd parameter in add_action

Many times we ignore third parameter in add_action. add_action( string $tag, callable $function_to_add, int $priority = 10, int $accepted_args = 1 ) If you read documentation on wordpress doc then you will found higher priority leter execution Let us take some example add_action(‘wp_head’,’check_action1′,100); function check_action(){ echo ‘later sandeep call’; } add_action(‘wp_head’,’check_action2′,13); function check_action2(){ echo ‘first […]