Geo directory advance search, wordpress

Customize geodirectory advanced search with custom range

If we want to select something tricky in geo directory advance search than it is not available in default like i was want to add duration days for course from 1 to 100 but in front end it will we some range for select with three option 1- Less than 1 week2-1 week to 1 month3-1 month or more So i made some custom code for it . In the geo directory there are lots of filters for customise search  1- geodir_search_filter_searched_params 2- geodir_search_posts_where 3 - geodir_search_filter_field_html_output_select /** * Duration days custom output for select . * *


Remote job vs office job

According to me remote job is better than office job. There are following reasons: 1- Family care : in respective of office job, remote job is better due to it provide flexbility of time so that you can care of near and dears. 2- Road misshaping: In respective to office job road mishapping chances is 0 % in remote job. 3 - More productive : Due to in office job other thing included like politics , more competition ,while in remote job only work is main thing to show so automatcally more productive. 4 - Less spend on infrastructure : Due to remote job company s