Some Important and reusable code

wp search replace command

wp search-replace <old> <new> [<table>...] [--dry-run] [--network] [--all-tables-with-prefix] [--all-tables] [--export[=<file>]] [--export_insert_size=<rows>] [--skip-columns=<columns>] [--include-columns=<columns>] [--precise] [--recurse-objects] [--verbose] [--regex] [--regex-flags=<regex-flags>] 

Import large SQL files to MySQL database

mysql -h yourhostname -u username -p databasename < yoursqlfile.sql

Down node js environment

nvm use 14.16.1

symbolic link

ln -s {source-filename} {symbolic-filename}

Find php ini path file in linux

php -i | grep "Loaded Configuration File"

Get current url

$current_url = filter_input( INPUT_SERVER, ‘REQUEST_URI’, FILTER_SANITIZE_URL );